In a moment of artistic revelation, Aoun, a seasoned producer, writer, and guitarist, steps into the spotlight with his latest single, “Smoker’s Cough (Afterword).” This introspective track serves as a precursor to Aoun’s solo journey, offering a glimpse into his upcoming musical endeavors. “Smoker’s Cough (Afterword)” stands as a poignant exploration of the aftermath of a past relationship, with a keen focus on the complex emotions of loneliness. Aoun takes on the roles of both guitarist and vocalist, delivering a live performance that exudes raw vulnerability, capturing the authenticity of the narrative.


In a departure from collaborative efforts, this single allows Aoun to shine solo, showcasing a more intimate and stripped-down facet of his artistry. The live recording preserves subtle imperfections, adding an honest touch to the emotional narrative. Aoun’s musical vision extends beyond the single, with a talented ensemble planned for future releases. While “Smoker’s Cough (Afterword)” features Aoun as the sole performer, the artist hints at collaborations with Guillermo Goldschmied on bass, Eli Fowler on drums, Sean Brennan on cello, and Tree Palmedo on trumpet in upcoming projects.

The production ethos behind this single mirrors Aoun’s intentional creative approach, limiting the instrumentation to create an intimate and cohesive sound. Produced by Aoun, alongside Dan Alvarez of TOLEDO (NY) and Estelle Allen (LA), “Smoker’s Cough (Afterword)” captures the depth and emotional resonance intended for this solo endeavor. As Aoun takes his first steps into the spotlight with this single, the track not only highlights his musical prowess but also foreshadows an immersive journey through the intricacies of personal experience. “Smoker’s Cough (Afterword)” serves as a compelling introduction to Aoun’s solo venture, promising a captivating exploration of emotions and storytelling in the musical landscape.


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