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In a world where music often serves as a vessel for time travel, The Suncatchers emerge as maestros of sonic exploration, seamlessly blending vintage vibes with contemporary flair. With the release of their debut single, “Audio Bicycle Day,” under Music Factory Records, the trio—comprising Ari Joshua on guitar, Joe Doria on organ, and Brad Gibson on drums—invites listeners on a transcendent auditory journey. I had the privilege of sitting down with Ari Joshua to delve deeper into the inspiration behind their captivating sound.

Q: Congratulations on the release of “Audio Bicycle Day”! Can you share with us the origin story of The Suncatchers and how this project came to fruition? Talk a bit about Brad and Joe.
Ari Joshua: Thank you! The Suncatchers actually came together years ago. Joe, Brad, and I have been longtime friends and collaborators in the music scene. I met Brad when he was at Cornish University. I have always loved his playing, he plays with a genuine touch and really feels every note he plays, his personality comes through and he is fun to watch. Joe is just one of my favorite all-time players and human beings. He is a genius really, what he does is incredible, playing the bass with his feet, and getting that old school classic hammond organ sound in his own unique way. We would do gig’s and just be able to play from top to bottom with what seemed like minimal effort. One day we were just like this could be a band. I think Brad offered up the name of the band, and it was right around then I had a day in the studio to fill up. I had another project recording the day before and we made it all happen. I am really grateful we did, and when I go to a studio to do mixing work, I love to grab stuff from this session and plug away.

Q: “Audio Bicycle Day” has a mesmerizing, almost cinematic quality to it. What inspired the composition of this ethereal piece?
Ari Joshua: Artists draw inspiration from various sources. The track “Audio Bicycle Day” or the title itself is a nod to the infamous bicycle ride taken by Dr. Albert Hofmann, the father of psychedelia. You can google it, but as I understand Albert had a famous bike ride that sparked the psychedelic revolution of the 1960s. I wrote this song for another session. It has a version that’s out already with Russ Lawton, and Ray Paczkowski from The Trey Anastasio Band, a really cool version that has its own spin on it. There is another version being mixed that features Delvon Lamarr, Skerik, and Grant Schroff from The Polyrhythmics. I hear feelings of euphoria and freedom in this one, but really listeners should be able to have their own inner voyage. It’s personal even inside a band, you know, different players will have different things inspire them.

Ari Joshua/The Suncatchers – Audio Bicylce Day

Q: The production of “Audio Bicycle Day” has a distinctly vintage feel. Can you tell us about the recording process and how you achieved this timeless sound?
Ari Joshua: Absolutely. Much love to the talented team on this project. “Audio Bicycle Day” was tracked through vintage equipment at Studio Litho. Engineer Floyd Reitsma is the master there at tracking, and capturing the magic, he is also one of the sweetest people in the industry. The mix was done by Jason Gray at Blue Mallard Recording, he and I have about a dozen songs we are working on finishing and this one rose to the top. I book time with Jason and we just listen alot and plug away at the music. There a ton of material and even from this session he and I have another 20-40 hours we have into it so more will surface.

Q: What do you hope listeners will take away from “Audio Bicycle Day,” and what can we expect from The Suncatchers in the future?
Ari Joshua: I hope listeners can take a moment to close their eyes and listen from front to back and have a moment with the music. This is the shorter version of the track, there will also be an extended version with longer solos and such coming. The world is really evolving fast, it feels like it’s pulling a lot of people in a lot of different directions. Music has the power to provide us with a stillness, and a calm solace and provide some sanctuary. I want to create music that resonates on a soulful level, and hits people at the emotional level. I try to do that with the music I play, really get into the moment and share a fingerprint of what this human experience is sort of about. I hope listeners can hear that, but if not, at least I hope they like the vibes, the melodies, the rhythms, and the compositions. If we had a way to cover the expenses of travel and touring I think this band could do some runs. Right now we have a show May 22nd booked at the place it all started, The Seamonster Lounge. That should be fun.

As my conversation with Ari Joshua comes to a close, it’s clear that The Suncatchers are poised to make a lasting impression on the music scene with their enchanting blend of vintage nostalgia and contemporary innovation. With “Audio Bicycle Day” as their inaugural offering, this dynamic trio invites us to embark on a timeless voyage where every note is a brushstroke on the canvas of eternity.


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