Leonie Sherif is a talented artist who expresses herself in many ways. Her new project, “VENUS”,  is a special experience that combines music with a new perfume. The song and perfume share the same name and work together to create a unique experience for our senses.


“VENUS” is a song that celebrates women. It’s a confident and sexy song that matches the perfume’s sweet scent. Leonie created the song at home, showing that inspiration can strike anywhere. The song invites you to enjoy a world where music and scent come together, making each other more enjoyable. The perfume is a new idea that combines music and scent to make the listening experience more special. When you listen to “Venus”,  you can also smell the perfume, creating a pleasant combination of senses. This unique approach shows Leonie’s creative vision of combining different art forms into one.

Leonie put her heart and soul into “VENUS”. The song shows off her skills as a songwriter, composer, and producer. It’s a bold move in the music industry, offering something new and exciting that goes beyond just listening to music. Leonie Sherif’s “Venus” is a special song that combines music and smell. It’s a unique experience that will stay with you. In the world of “VENUS”,  music and scent come together beautifully.

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