Christian alt-rock luminary thurane takes a bold step into uncharted musical territory with his latest cover single, “Lead Me To the Cross.” This groundbreaking track stands as a testament to thurane’s commitment to redefining the boundaries of worship and rock, inviting listeners into a transformative sonic experience. As the driving force behind the trio, thurane’s soulful vocals and skilled guitar work lay the foundation for the song’s unique character. Collaborating with drummer Andy Augustin and bassist Brad Sirota, the trio seamlessly blends elements of contemporary worship with the raw energy of rock, crafting a sound that transcends genres.


Recorded with meticulous precision, “Lead Me To the Cross” showcases thurane’s prowess as a producer, with co-production and mixing by Austin Deptula. The result is a track that not only pays homage to the Christian worship tradition but also introduces an edgy, rock-infused dynamism. The single’s genesis lies in the question, “What if Brooke Ligertwood & Hillsong Worship led praise to Jesus w/Stone Temple Pilots & Metallica?” This innovative approach infuses the track with a refreshing vibrancy, offering listeners a musical experience that defies expectations.

“Lead Me To the Cross” is not merely a cover; it’s a musical journey that invites listeners to explore the profound depths of Christian spirituality. The song embodies the essence of a Christian life marked by surrender and devotion to Christ, echoing the sacrificial journey to the cross. Thurane’s emotive vocals guide the audience through a narrative of self-discovery, drawing on the timeless theme of surrender and rebirth. With its genre-defying fusion, “Lead Me To the Cross” emerges as a standout in thurane’s discography, showcasing his ability to seamlessly weave spirituality into the fabric of rock music. As the single paves the way for the upcoming EP, “Lift Him Up,” thurane’s musical evolution promises to captivate audiences seeking a fresh and invigorating take on contemporary Christian music.

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