After a 3 ½ year journey back into the world of music, the band, known as The Ruby Tears, has been on an impressive creative streak, releasing eight EPs and numerous singles. Their latest offering, “LEARN TO FLY” takes an intriguing departure from the power pop and post-punk sound typically associated with the group. The band initially hesitated to release this song due to its different direction, but in the end, a great song deserves to be heard, regardless of its divergence from the norm.

The Ruby Tears

This melancholic masterpiece is a product of the band’s journey, marked by the resilience they demonstrated during lockdown. Overcoming health problems and personal changes, the trio used this challenging period to continue writing and producing quality music. With six new tracks eagerly waiting to hit the stage in 2024, it’s clear that The Ruby Tears is on the cusp of a remarkable year. The band’s lineup consists of Jim Sangster on bass, John Goodfellow on vocals and rhythm guitar, and Jeff Skellon on guitars. The project originally took shape when John and Jeff embarked on a musical project during lockdown, intending to keep their creative spirits alive. As a result, they’ve birthed a collection of original songs that capture the essence of their musical influences, spanning from late ’60s West Coast psych to glam, punk, new wave, and post-punk.

Despite the challenges they’ve faced, including an enforced sabbatical due to health concerns, The Ruby Tears remain unwavering in their passion for crafting introspective and somber music. “LEARN TO FLY” serves as a testament to their ability to adapt and evolve, making it an exciting addition to their discography. As the band prepares for a live comeback, they’re looking forward to introducing their audience to this unique and introspective side of their music, setting the stage for a promising 2024.

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North Carolina-based singer-songwriter Pam Ross  released her latest single, “Cornflakes and Beer,” on Friday, October 20th. The heartfelt ballad, penned by Ross, delves into the emotions of someone seeking solace to mend a broken heart after a breakup.

Pam Ross

Although the song was written some time ago, it still holds a special place in Ross’s heart. She explains, “I wrote this song about someone I had a crush on. I was never actually heartbroken over the ordeal, but I did have a beer with my cornflakes one Sunday morning after sleeping in until 11…wearing a shirt she gave me.”

This isn’t the first time Ross has made waves in the music industry. Her single “Two Shots of Tequila” reached impressive chart positions, hitting #2 on Bandwagon Network Radio and #8 on the iTunes UK Country Charts. It received airplay on various US radio stations like QDR 94.7 Homegrown Carolina Country and WNHE Nashville. Her earlier release, “You Don’t Know My Name,” also made a significant impact, climbing to #12 on the iTunes UK country charts. Ross’s remarkable musical journey has garnered her several nominations at the upcoming Who’s Hoo Country Awards. With her music already amassing over 250K Spotify streams, Ross is a rising star in the industry. The release of “Cornflakes and Beer” is eagerly anticipated and will be available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, starting on Friday, October 20th. Music enthusiasts can look forward to another heartwarming addition to Ross’s impressive body of work.

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This album is a bold venture into the shadows of human existence, a sonic journey that combines pop sensibilities with dark humor. The creator behind this enigmatic work invites listeners to explore the surreal and eerie aspects of life, all while ensuring an enjoyable and engaging musical experience. What sets this album apart is the diversity of styles within it; each track stands alone, united by the overarching theme of darkness and absurdity. The artist’s creative process was fueled by a stay in a mental hospital, where introspection and medication became constant companions. Music emerged as a lifeline, a vital coping mechanism in the midst of life’s struggles.

Oliver Jordan

The driving force behind this musical endeavor is a solitary figure, operating on all fronts, from composition to production. The artist’s eclectic tastes have left an indelible mark on the music, refusing to be confined to a single style. While some might expect quirky anecdotes about the band’s experiences, the artist humorously recalls a brief encounter with extraterrestrial beings who swiftly returned them after a musical performance.

Reflecting on this unique musical odyssey, it’s clear that the artist’s work stands in a league of its own, defying conventional norms. The album’s genesis is rooted in mental health institutions, providing a profound testament to the power of music as a means of survival. As the artist aptly quotes, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society,” offering a glimpse into the philosophical depths explored in this remarkable musical undertaking.

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Singer-songwriter Stuart Lawrence is ready to make his debut with the album “ONE,” an exceptional blend of old-school indie sound with a unique and rich vocal quality. The album introduces a fresh vocal sound and a signature indie style that’s warm, luscious, and serene. It’s a sound that carries through each track, establishing Stuart Lawrence as a distinctive artist.

Stuart Lawrence

The music transcends traditional boundaries and might even be the birth of a new sub-genre – ‘Indie Silk,’ as we’d like to call it. The album offers an array of tracks, each with its unique charm, from the experimental orchestral number “ONE” to the lively and catchy “To The Limit.” Stuart’s lyrical depth and emotional resonance are evident throughout, making it perfect for those in touch with their emotions. As Stuart reflects on his journey, he shares, “I’m not the weathered old ‘rock die-hard’ that my appearance might suggest; this is very new for me, and a fresh journey.” His creative process is unlike many artists, as he describes songs as emerging like spirits to a clairvoyant, as if he’s a medium for their expressions.”ONE” stands as a testament to his storytelling abilities. The lyrics are crafted through the empathy of hypothetical emotional scenarios, creating pure fiction in song form. It’s a personal and heartfelt debut that showcases an artist who has found his courage later in life, thanks to newfound self-awareness and changing industry standards. The album’s emotional depth and sonic diversity promise an engaging listening experience for all.

Stuart’s journey is one of self-discovery, growth, and embracing a newfound identity as a talented musician, leaving behind the self-doubt and anxiety that held him back for years. With a compelling story and a unique musical offering, “ONE” is an album that deserves attention.

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