Just when you thought Rusty Reid was done surprising us, he’s back with an unexpected treat – the release of “Rio Frio” from his latest album, “Bayou Line: Songs from Houston.” While he had initially wrapped up the singles from the album, his devoted fans had other plans. They were adamant that “Rio Frio” deserved its moment in the spotlight, and Rusty couldn’t deny their enthusiasm.

Rusty Reid

“Rio Frio” was originally conceived as part of a grander project, a Texan rock opera chronicling the state’s history. Although the larger endeavor didn’t quite take off, “Rio Frio” stood out as a gem worth sharing. The song delves into the fascinating period when Texas had won its independence from Mexico but had not yet joined the United States. During this time, Texas was its own nation, the Republic of Texas. Set against the backdrop of the Rio Frio River in the contested “Nueces Strip,” the song paints a vivid picture of a lone cowboy, possibly an outlaw, contemplating his life and a distant love. It’s a unique narrative, capturing a piece of history that’s often overlooked.

While “Rio Frio” might not fit neatly into today’s musical landscape, its distinctiveness is what makes it shine. Rusty Reid invites you to take a listen and share your thoughts on this unconventional yet captivating track. Explore the rich tapestry of Rusty Reid’s music, where indie-folk-pop-country-rock meet in harmonious union. His latest album, “Bayou Line: Songs from Houston,” is a collection of carefully re-recorded classics that showcase Rusty’s songwriting prowess. From the swampy romp of “Look Out Louisiana” to the philosophical musings of “Corner of My Mind,” Rusty’s songs offer a delightful journey through various genres and emotions.

“Rio Frio” is just one of the gems awaiting discovery on this musical adventure. So, dive into Rusty Reid’s world, where storytelling takes center stage, and let “Rio Frio” carry you away to another time and place.

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Lithuania’s industrial thrash metal powerhouse, SHSH, is about to unleash a storm with their latest album, “The Great Paradise of Tomorrow,” featuring the blistering single “Homeopsychopathy.” This band doesn’t just bring the noise; they come with larger-than-life personas and theatrical costumes reminiscent of superheroes. Formed in 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania, SHSH is set to make waves not only in their homeland but also in the UK and beyond. What started as a one-time “diss” track project quickly evolved into a local sensation, thanks to their mischievous attitude, catchy metal riffs, and humorous takes on dark themes. SHSH consists of five friends, each embracing a unique alter-ego: Mastermind, Saxocutioner, Riot, Mr. Lead, and Edgelord. These larger-than-life characters are an integral part of the band, shaping their music and live performances.


Their journey began in high school, where they released their first album, “Atshiaurusis,” in 2017. This record was anything but conventional, helping them stand out in the Lithuanian metal scene. Their sound has remained playful, passionate, and unconventional, keeping their music fresh and exciting.

SHSH’s music is a dynamic blend of synths, guitars, and powerful vocals, akin to bands like Megadeth, Carcass, Exodus, Havok, and Marty Friedman. They’re not just about the music; they’re on a mission to challenge the status quo, spearheading the “Kill alt/indie” movement. This movement questions the prevalence of “lazy and pretentious alternative and indie rock bands that all sound the same” in today’s music scene and metal festivals. SHSH’s refreshing approach to thrash metal and their commitment to shaking up the music scene make them a force to be reckoned with. So, brace yourselves as SHSH prepares to unleash their industrial thrash mayhem. Get ready to bang your heads and spread the word – SHSH is coming for you!

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