Acclaimed as a rising star by media outlets globally, Realma continues to carve her unique path in the music scene. Her latest single, ‘Down the Railway Spine,’ serves as a testament to her diverse and innovative approach, seamlessly blending elements of synth-pop with the immersive quality of a game-style orchestral soundtrack. The result is a pulsating and action-packed musical experience that transcends genres.


The song, at its core, is a deeply personal exploration of Realma’s struggle against PTSD. Through a tumultuous sonic landscape, she channels her emotions, creating an epic composition that resonates with authenticity and vulnerability. The music becomes a cathartic journey, inviting listeners to connect with the raw honesty embedded in every note. Taking the artistic expression a step further, the accompanying 3D animated music video, a collaborative effort with the acclaimed animator Mihajlo Dragaš, elevates ‘Down the Railway Spine’ into a full-fledged audio-visual odyssey. The video unfolds a gripping narrative centered around an interstellar racer on a heroic quest to rescue a younger sibling. The futuristic and neon-soaked visuals, reminiscent of iconic films like Tron and Blade Runner, plunge the audience into an immersive universe across three distinct planets.

Realma’s ability to infuse her personal narrative seamlessly into a larger-than-life musical and visual spectacle is a testament to her artistry. ‘Down the Railway Spine’ stands not just as a song but as a complete sensory experience, marking Realma as a captivating and forward-thinking creative force in the industry. As the music resonates and the visuals unfold, Realma invites her audience to embark on a sci-fi odyssey, where every beat tells a story of resilience and triumph.

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