Cormac Liotta’s EP “I Bought A New Pedal” offers a captivating musical journey through three dynamic tracks, each showcasing Liotta’s unique style and creative prowess.

Cormac Liotta

“Olive” sets the tone with its infectious melodies and introspective lyrics, inviting listeners into Liotta’s world of contemplation and self-discovery. The song’s catchy hooks and rich instrumentation create a vibrant sonic landscape that captivates from start to finish. “From Horses, He Falls” delves deeper into Liotta’s storytelling abilities, weaving a poignant narrative against a backdrop of emotive guitar riffs and driving rhythms. The song’s evocative lyrics and impassioned vocals draw listeners in, eliciting a range of emotions and leaving a lasting impression.

The titular track, “New Pedal,” serves as the EP’s centerpiece, showcasing Liotta’s masterful production skills and his ability to craft compelling musical landscapes. With its infectious energy and catchy hooks, “New Pedal” is a standout track that highlights Liotta’s penchant for blending pop sensibilities with rock influences. “I Bought A New Pedal” is a testament to Liotta’s talent as a musician and producer. Each track offers something unique, from introspective lyricism to infectious melodies, showcasing Liotta’s versatility and creativity. As an EP, it leaves a lasting impression and leaves listeners eagerly anticipating what Liotta has in store next.

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