NickGCherryDot, the retro-inspired rock artist, is set to release his highly anticipated album, “The Perfect Storm,” on September 15th, 2023. This 12-track project showcases the artist’s prolific career, marked by 11 albums and 2 EPs, all self-written and self-produced within the past four years.


The titular single, “The Perfect Storm,” provides a glimpse into the album’s essence. It’s a punchy, riff-driven, shoegaze-inspired alternative rock track that harks back to classic rock influences while adding a unique twist. Nick Griffith, the artist behind NickGCherryDot, infuses elements of jazz and pop into his rock foundation, creating a well-rounded sonic landscape.

Each song on the album serves as a “snapshot of time,” offering listeners an audio tapestry that unravels the complexities of the artist’s life. After navigating a marriage breakdown, relocating to a new city without a job or friends, and receiving a late diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, Nick embarks on a musical journey that reflects his personal growth and self-discovery. “The Perfect Storm” is an emotionally charged collection that beautifully captures the various moments that have shaped his life.

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Mark Vennis & Different Place, a rock band hailing from Petersfield in Hampshire, are back with a bang, releasing their latest single, “Wild Suburban Boy.” This new wave, punk-infused rock track serves as a precursor to their upcoming 7-track album, “Small Town Vampire,” slated for release in January 2024. Mark Vennis, the band’s driving force, draws inspiration from a diverse array of musical legends, including The Clash, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, and Paul Weller. Their previous albums, “Uncharted Water,” “Faded Glory and Other Stories,” “A Beautiful Lie or The Ugly Truth,” and “Fighting on All Fronts,” have earned them acclaim in the rock scene.

Mark Vennis

“Wild Suburban Boy” delves into the struggle of feeling trapped in the monotonous suburbs, yearning for the excitement of the city. It’s a rebellious anthem that challenges conformity and embraces the DIY ethos of punk rock. Produced by Duncan Lefeuvre of Gravel Track Music, this track is a testament to the enduring power of rock ‘n’ roll. Mark Vennis & Different Place continue to be a driving force for thought-provoking music, encouraging listeners to question society, culture, and the importance of creativity.

“Wild Suburban Boy” is  available on all major platforms. Get ready to dive into this raw, punky rock song that promises to ignite your rebellious spirit.

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Ireland has long been a hotbed for musical talent, and the debut single “Pious” from Wicklow’s Petrichor is a testament to the nation’s vibrant music scene. This four-piece band, formed in November 2022, showcases a blend of industrial noise and shoegaze that is as captivating as it is intense. Comprising Liam Hughes on guitar and lead vocals, Lu Hope on bass guitar, Ben Verdes on guitar and backing vocals, and Harry Richards on drums, Petrichor brings forth a sound that is both enigmatic and emotionally charged.

“Pious” captures a sense of controlled chaos, drawing inspiration from electronic industrial music and powerful rock acts like Gilla Band, Enola Gay, Nerves, and Naked Lungs. The track’s energy is infectious, reflecting the band’s dedication to crafting something entirely new and avoiding the trappings of conventional music.

In a world marked by turmoil and uncertainty, Petrichor’s “Pious” is a sonic journey that promises to evoke fresh emotions and ignite a sense of rebellion.

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