Introducing the latest gem from Live In Color: the electrifying single, “Yes To Me.”

With a focus on crafting authentic music that melds the infectious allure of pop with the raw vigor of rock, Live In Color has struck gold once again. “Yes To Me,” their freshly dropped single, serves as a dazzling gateway into the very essence of the band’s uplifting artistry.

Live in color

Infused with an unmistakable 80s flair, the track boasts rich, captivating synth layers that weave a hypnotic spell. The vocals hit hard, carrying a blend of power and nuance that gifts listeners with unforgettable melodies, mirroring the shimmering interplay of guitars and sonic landscapes. The rhythmic foundation—composed of drum beats and basslines—syncs seamlessly with the composition’s energy, the resounding bass adding an irresistible groove.

If your musical heart beats to the rhythms of Fall Out Boy, Walk The Moon, Dead Rituals, or Coldplay, this is your new anthem. Dive into the vibrant world of Live In Color and surrender to the enchantment of “Yes To Me.”

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Introducing the freshest sonic delight to emerge from the eclectic streets of New York, “In the First Place” is a vibrant masterpiece birthed by the rising Indie/Alternative phenomenon, Faded Rose.

Handpicked as their signature single, the track’s effervescent and carefree energy offers a delightful contrast to their prior emotive EP, “Don’t Say.” Stripped down and unfiltered, this rendition exudes a rare authenticity that’s both captivating and refreshing, inviting listeners into their unadulterated musical journey.

Faded Rose

Meet the craftsmen behind the magic: Rosie, the soulful muse, commands the spotlight as lead vocalist and the creative force behind the lyrics, strumming her stories through both acoustic and electric guitars. Tom’s rhythmic finesse complements her on the rhythm guitar, while Charles masterfully weaves intricate melodies on lead guitar, keys, and even lends the ethereal tones of the mandolin. Pete’s percussive prowess ignites the rhythms, with Gary’s basslines grounding the ensemble with melodic depth.

Faded Rose’s saga began in 2020 amidst the making of Rosie’s inaugural EP. What was initially conceived as a solo endeavor blossomed into a harmonious collective with Charlie and Gary joining for the EP. The ensemble crystallized when Pete completed the lineup just before their electrifying debut at the iconic Daryl’s House Club in the heart of New York. From that moment on, their synergy has been the driving force behind their sonic endeavors. Their musical influences traverse diverse landscapes, but a palpable resonance with 90s rock and alternative echoes through their soundscapes. Noteworthy performances include gracing the stage of Daryl’s House Club, a venue owned by the legendary Daryl Hall himself. Rosie’s artistic journey is embellished with opening slots for luminaries like Eric Hutchinson and an accolade from iHeartMedia as a finalist in their esteemed Battleground Talent Showcase.

Hold onto your auditory senses as Faded Rose meticulously crafts an album, poised for release by year-end, promising an enchanting expansion of their sonic horizons. “In the First Place” was meticulously birthed at the revered Nada Recording Studio in Montgomery, New York. A haven for creative expression, the studio boasts a storied history of collaborating with illustrious names such as Imagine Dragons, American Authors, and My Chemical Romance. The essence of “In the First Place” encapsulates the organic evolution of love, unburdened by societal norms or predefined expectations. It’s a mellifluous testament to the belief that regardless of outcomes, solace resides in the journey itself.

In the words of Rosie, encapsulating the ethos of Faded Rose, “Just relax ~ it’s not that serious!”


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Step into the realm of musical enchantment with “Eveningsong,” a mesmerizing anthology of original love ballads by the gifted musician, Marc Allen. With Marc’s masterful touch on the keyboard and the melodic resonance of Sky Canyon’s vibraphone, each track becomes a delicate caress for the senses.

Marc Allen

This musical treasure finds its perfect niche within playlists tailored to diverse moods and settings. From the tranquil ambiance of spas and healing spaces to the laid-back, mellow atmosphere of cafes or intimate gatherings, “Eveningsong” weaves a tapestry of emotions. It’s equally at home accompanying focused study sessions, providing the soundtrack for reflective airplane journeys, and setting the tone for serene restaurants or even birthing environments. Marc Allen’s musical journey spans decades, reflecting a lifelong passion for crafting melodies. From his early days of harmonizing vocals and keyboard chords to penning captivating compositions since the age of 16, his musical evolution is evident across his seven distinctive albums. The collaboration with Sky Canyon birthed “Breathe” and “Petals,” hailed as “New Age Golden Oldies,” their ethereal resonance gracing spas, healing retreats, and even airline channels.

His instrumental marvels, “Quiet Moments,” “Solo Flight,” and “Awakening,” unveil a virtuosic command of diverse instruments. Meanwhile, “Eveningsong” and “Seeds” shine as lyrical narratives, featuring Marc’s emotive vocals and his signature keys, accompanied by the mesmerizing vibes of Sky Canyon’s vibraphone. “Breathe,” a pinnacle of his achievements, has sold over 100,000 copies and become synonymous with the new age music genre. The delicate interplay of piano, electric piano, and vibraphone resonates like a tranquil breeze, a sentiment beautifully captured by NAPRA Trade Journal: “This classic album is relaxing; it caresses your skin.” “Pearls,” a gem adorned with piano, vibraphone, guitars, bass, wind synth, and percussion, has found its way onto international bestselling massage CDs, celebrated for its ability to transport listeners to a place of serenity. NAPRA Trade Journal eloquently lauds it as “Truly beautiful music that sweetly soars.”

“Seeds,” a revered classic within the new age spiritual music landscape, envelops listeners in its embrace of vocals, electric piano, and vibraphone. And then there’s the tender intimacy of “Eveningsong,” where love finds its voice through Marc’s soulful vocals and the gentle notes of the electric piano and vibraphone. In the eloquent words of Vibeke K., “Marc Allen is one of the most soulful, sweet singers on Earth.”

Allow yourself to be transported into the tapestries of “Eveningsong,” a symphony of emotion that gently cradles the heart and sparks an indelible connection.

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The much-anticipated moment has arrived as the musical virtuoso, Matt McClure, unveils his latest triumph, “Recurring Orphans.” Released on August 9th, this magnum opus consisting of twelve tracks has been a long time coming, promising a sensory journey through the realms of indie rock that promises to leave an indelible mark on all those who encounter its resonating melodies.

Eclipsing the horizon is the titular track, “Recurring Orphans,” a beacon of artistic ingenuity that not only encapsulates a profound message but also sets the tone for the auditory voyage that awaits. Among the constellation of tracks, “Terrible Ideas” shines as a testament to the emotional pilgrimage embarked upon by this album. “Recurring Orphans” delves into the labyrinthine corridors of vulnerability, providing an unfiltered lens into the kaleidoscope of human experiences. Matt’s poignant lyricism effortlessly entwines with captivating harmonies and a rich instrumental tapestry, birthing an immersive sonic tapestry.

Matt McClure

“Recurring Orphans” stands as a testament to Matt McClure’s sonic wizardry and artistic vision. Each composition is a testament to the delicate equilibrium between unadulterated sincerity and entrancing hooks. With his signature musical signature and irresistible refrains, Matt McClure’s songwriting prowess shines resplendently across the album.

Fans and aficionados can bask in the album’s auditory richness through major streaming platforms, where “Recurring Orphans” is now available, offering an opportunity to be enveloped in its intricate sonic universe. Matt McClure’s artistic odyssey is a canvas painted with a palette of diverse experiences and influences. Hailing originally from New Jersey, his creative pilgrimage spanned the expanse of the United States before finding its haven in Las Vegas. Themes that span the realms of mortality, femininity, apparitions, and parallel dimensions have been instrumental in shaping a narrative tapestry that spans two decades. At the heart of his creative landscape lies the narrative of an elderly man’s renaissance after a stroke, evolving into a vessel inhabited by an ancient spirit yearning for terrestrial experiences. This epic saga, etched into the core of his creative expression, forms the bedrock of his work. However, “Recurring Orphans,” his latest magnum opus, delves into intimately personal themes of disenchantment—both those experienced personally and those projected onto others. The battles with addiction and redemption lay the foundation for Matt’s artistic canvas, infusing a raw authenticity into his compositions.

Fueled by an ardor to dismantle emotional isolation, Matt’s musical harmonies are an invocation of connection—a universal aspiration deeply intertwined with the world of art. His aspiration to be embraced by an indie label emanates from a desire to amplify his artistic trajectory and manifest his creative vision. As the solitary craftsman—spearheading writing, production, and performance—Matt’s artistic sovereignty provides the fertile ground for his unique vision to flourish. Adorning multiple hats, he also commands the role of primary wordsmith and vocal luminary in The Figurants and Red Kitchen.

Weaving threads of inspiration from luminaries like Silver Jews, Pavement, Guided By Voices, The Beatles, Lilys, and Sparklehorse, Matt McClure concocts a musical fabric interwoven with introspection, storytelling, and the rawness of authenticity. Through his craft, he extends an invitation to listeners into a dimension where personal struggles converge with universal emotions, engendering a kinship of understanding and empathy.

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Presenting a harmonious masterpiece that reverberates with timeless resonance, the Cornelius Eady Group introduces their latest EP, “WITHSTAND.” Released as a natural extension of their New Folk explorations from the COVID-era endeavor “DON’T GET DEAD” (June Appal), this musical opus transcends boundaries, weaving a rich tapestry of folk, blues, funk, and poetry—a poignant reflection of our collective journey through these intricate times.

Cornelius Eady Trio

Delving to the core, “Withstand” draws inspiration from the roots of folk blues, conceived around the backdrop of July 4th, as a profound response to the ever-evolving political landscape. Through soulful harmonies, the EP captures the shared narratives of individuals navigating the unpredictable tides of politics, a poignant reminder that these uncertain shores are traversed by many. Vocal virtuoso Cornelius Eady leads the ensemble, accompanied by the deft prowess of Charlie Rauh on electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass, and percussion, and the artistic finesse of Lisa Liu, contributing with electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, and percussion. The group’s genesis was serendipitous, evolving from the remnants of Rough Magic, a larger musical entity. Influenced by a melange of rock, folk, blues, and funk, their artistic aura is uniquely akin to a Poetry meets Pub band, often invoking reminiscences of the acclaimed Pentangle.

The Cornelius Eady Group has graced significant stages, with appearances at illustrious events like the Big Ears Festival and the Brooklyn Folk Festival. Their enchanting melodies have even reached the screens of PBS Newshour, etching their musical legacy deeper. Resonating harmonies have garnered critical acclaim, with Gabriel Mazza of Mesmeized commending their creation as a “fragile, poignant, and relatable gem” and Joe Francis Doerr of Notre Dame Review drawing parallels to the metaphysical essence of Taj Mahal’s music. Geographical boundaries faded during the crafting of this EP, as the group adeptly navigated remote recording processes born from the pandemic’s constraints. Geographically dispersed, yet artistically united, their collective efforts found synergy in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Knoxville TN. Guided by the skilled hands of Charlie Rauh and Lisa Liu, the tracks metamorphosed through arrangements, mixing, and mastering, breathing life into their musical narrative.

Bearing a thematic essence akin to traditional Folk broadsides, infused with contemporary intricacies and a dash of funk, each composition on the EP bears its unique resonance. “Your Freedom” resurrects a decades-old poem set to music, while “Living with a Stranger” paints a poignant picture of the journey of growing older and embracing change. “Tearing Down The Masters House” resonates as a response to the Ferguson incidents, while “Crazy Bible” emerged from the shadows of anti-drag queen laws. “Withstand” itself, birthed around the time of July 4th, encapsulates the aftermath of pivotal socio-political shifts.

“WITHSTAND” is a melodic anthology that transcends mere music, inviting listeners to partake in a shared journey through the intricacies of existence. The Cornelius Eady Group, through their musical virtuosity, beckons you to join them on a sonic odyssey that resonates with the universal cadence of life’s ebb and flow.

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