Prepare to be transported to the neon-soaked streets of the 1980s as JPRiZM, the maestro of synthwave, unveils his latest single, “Analog Dreams.” This sonic journey is not just a song; it’s an homage to a bygone era, a tapestry of nostalgia woven with pulsating synthesizers and infectious beats. As a one-man powerhouse—composing, producing, and commanding the keyboards—JPRiZM channels the spirit of musical luminaries like Prince, Sister Sledge, and Michael Jackson. However, his sonic palette extends further into the realms of French touch pioneers, such as Daft Punk, and the electronic explosion of the late 2000s. With an affinity for fantasy and science fiction, fueled by his love for gaming and cinematic adventures, JPRiZM infuses “Analog Dreams” with a depth that transcends mere auditory delight.


The single takes listeners on a ride through the artist’s memories, cruising down highways with sunsets ablaze, armed with a Roland Juno and a cassette tape. “Analog Dreams” captures the essence of a carefree era, a sentiment beautifully encapsulated by JPRiZM’s evocative storytelling. The track isn’t just a musical composition; it’s a portal to a world where each note is a step back in time. JPRiZM’s dedication to crafting a rich, immersive experience is evident in his statement: “Whenever I write music, my sole purpose is to teleport you to another world, full of fantasy and wonder.” The magic lies in losing oneself in the sound waves, a sentiment he lives for and effortlessly shares with his audience.

Recorded in Boston, Massachusetts, “Analog Dreams” is more than a synthwave track; it’s a sonic adventure that pays homage to the golden age of electronic music. The single stands as a testament to JPRiZM’s ability to not just create music but to curate an entire atmosphere, where listeners can bask in the glow of neon lights and relive the analog charm of yesteryears. As “Analog Dreams” resonates with those seeking a modern yet authentic take on synthwave, JPRiZM emerges as a torchbearer, blending influences seamlessly to create a masterpiece that is both timeless and contemporary. In a world craving a trip down memory lane, “Analog Dreams” is the ticket to a sonic journey where past and present harmonize in electronic euphony.

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