Straight from the heart of New York City’s Lower East Side, Honor Among Thieves is set to ignite the rock scene with their latest EP, “Murder on the Radio, Vol.1.” This five-track powerhouse redefines modern-day hard rock, infusing it with an old-school rebellious spirit and a jolt of electricity that’s impossible to resist. Led by Craig Cantos’ commanding vocals, Merx Mercado’s electrifying guitar, Kevin Jones on bass, and Dave Brooks on drums, Honor Among Thieves delivers a sonic onslaught that captures the essence of unapologetic rock and roll. The EP was recorded at BC Studios in Brooklyn by the legendary Martin Bisi, known for his work with Sonic Youth and White Zombie, among others.

Honor Among Thieves

The opening track, “Down,” serves as a rebellious anthem, urging listeners to rise above life’s challenges and stay true to themselves. It’s a visceral call to embrace individuality, with infectious energy that sets the tone for the entire EP. “Bareknuckle Billionaires” cranks up the intensity with a fun, fighting-inspired rocker. Fueled by Craig’s passion for MMA, the song becomes a heavy, crowd-pleasing anthem. No profound message here—just a gritty, enjoyable romp through a world of combat references. In “Battle Lines,” Honor Among Thieves explores the complexities of love and relationships. The song narrates a tale of fighting to preserve a love that’s worth the struggle. It delves into the raw emotions of navigating disagreements and conflicts within a deep connection.

With “Murder on the Radio, Vol.1,” Honor Among Thieves not only celebrates the essence of old-school rock but also delivers a modern-day sonic revolution that’s impossible to ignore. The EP is a testament to the band’s commitment to authenticity, individuality, and the enduring power of rock and roll.


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