Introducing Foreign Saints, the captivating bedroom pop project spearheaded by talented Brooklyn-based musician Thomas Roberts. Drawing inspiration from acclaimed acts like The Japanese House, Day Wave, and War on Drugs, Thomas embarks on a musical journey that encapsulates the essence of these influential artists.

Foreign Saints

Teaming up with Harper James (of Eighty Ninety and Groupthink fame), Thomas delves into the creation of their debut EP, starting with the release of the project’s first single. The collaboration between these two musical forces promises an exciting and harmonious blend of their creative energies.

The name “Foreign Saints” holds special significance for Thomas, harkening back to his personal experience hiking the Camino de Santiago. Immersed in the pursuit of completing a journey named after an obscure foreign saint, he discovered the profound beauty in the act of pursuing something purely for its own sake. It is this very philosophy that permeates his approach to music creation.

The debut single, titled “Here With Me,” serves as an enchanting introduction to the musical world of Foreign Saints. With dreamy melodies, introspective lyrics, and carefully crafted soundscapes, Thomas Roberts invites listeners into his introspective and evocative sonic realm.

Foreign Saints epitomizes the art of creating music as a profound personal journey, one that resonates with listeners on a deep and emotional level. Keep an eye out for their debut EP, as Thomas Roberts continues to captivate and inspire with his soul-stirring compositions.


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Meet John Lion, an accomplished singer-songwriter based in London. With a versatile range of musical styles that spans from Indie Rock to Acoustic Folk, John finds inspiration in iconic albums like Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, Oasis’s debut LP, and The Who’s Tommy.

John Lion

Having made his mark on the London music scene for over six years, John is a regular performer at various venues across the city. He has already unveiled four compelling songs, each displaying his unique musicality and heartfelt songwriting. Currently, he is hard at work on his forthcoming releases, including the highly anticipated single ‘Number 2’ set to be released on July 7th.

Leveraging the power of social media, John has garnered significant attention, amassing over 2.5 million views and 180k likes on TikTok. This digital presence solidifies his growing popularity in the online sphere.

John Lion’s music embodies catchy melodies and a strong emphasis on captivating harmonies, as he strives to create the kind of songs he would personally love to hear on the radio. Drawing from the sounds of the 60s and adding a dash of Britpop, he skillfully molds these influences into a sound that is uniquely his own.

With his distinctive musical style and heartfelt approach, John Lion is an artist on the rise. Stay tuned for his upcoming releases as he continues to captivate listeners with his authentic sound and undeniable talent.

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Introducing “In Search Of,” a captivating band led by the extraordinary father-daughter duo of Michael Raitzin and Michelle Ray. Their debut album, ‘Alice and the Wonderland,’ is an enchanting journey that invites listeners into a whimsical world where imagination reigns supreme.

This power pop/rock musical endeavor is inspired by the love of books and music, retelling the adventures of teenage Alice inside Wonderland. The album beautifully reflects the dreams and insecurities that resonate with kids, teenagers, and adults alike. With catchy choruses and powerful lyrics, ‘Alice and the Wonderland’ promises pure joy for listeners of all ages.

Michelle Ray’s mesmerizing voice, portraying Alice, serves as the centerpiece of this release. With an impressive track record, including appearances on NBC’s The Voice and placements in major feature films and television shows, Michelle has garnered a devoted fan base. Her uncle Misha Raitzin, a Metropolitan Opera Tenor, undoubtedly influenced her musical journey.

Meanwhile, Michael Raitzin brings his rich musical background to the table, having played, toured, and produced for renowned rock bands like Danger Danger and Royal Hunt. ‘Alice and the Wonderland’ also features guest musicians such as Mark Boals and Andre Andersen, adding their virtuosity to the album.

In Search Of’s music evokes captivating soundscapes, fusing rock, power pop, and hard rock with ethnic elements. Released on June 23, 2023, ‘Alice and the Wonderland’ promises to be a beautiful, powerful, and immersive experience. With an album already out and two more in the works, In Search Of aims to engage and captivate audiences, creating a lasting impact in the music scene.

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Ray Johnson, an experienced musician with extensive involvement in the music industry, has captivated audiences with his performances for many years. He has showcased his talents as a solo artist and as a member of various bands.

Over the course of his career, Ray has devoted around 20 years to refining his songwriting skills, resulting in a collection of nearly 100 well-crafted songs.

Ray Johnson

Presently, Ray is actively promoting his most promising tracks to playlist curators, media outlets, and industry professionals. His aim is to secure publishing deals and placements in television and film, as he has already achieved moderate success in these areas.

One of Ray’s recent submissions is the emotionally charged track “Carried By The Wind.” With its acoustic guitar, male vocals, and bass, the song demonstrates a harmonious blend of melodious vocal arrangements and a cohesive interaction between the guitar and bass.

Since its release in February as the lead single from his album “Groove,” “Carried By The Wind” has been steadily gaining global popularity. It has captured the attention of fans and numerous playlist curators on Spotify, who have commended Ray’s expressive voice, well-crafted lyrics, and heartwarming storytelling.

Ray’s musical style creates a dynamic and engaging sound, driven by the rhythmic strumming of his guitars. Combined with his poetic storytelling, “Carried By The Wind” emanates sincerity and passion, resonating with listeners across genres such as Americana, acoustic pop/rock, and soft ballads.

To understand Ray’s journey, it is important to delve into his musical background. From singing in a school choir at the age of 6 to learning to play acoustic guitar and participating in vocal ensembles in high school, Ray’s talents continued to flourish throughout college, where he focused on developing his vocals and guitar skills.

Establishing himself as a successful acoustic/vocalist solo artist, Ray later formed cover bands that achieved local recognition for several years. It was during this time that Ray introduced his original compositions into their repertoire, eventually leading him to prioritize songwriting. The formation of the band Saldo Kreek marked a pivotal moment, as they exclusively performed original songs and released two moderately successful albums, “Panning for Gold” and “Love Street.”

Today, Ray remains dedicated to writing and creating music, utilizing his expertise as a music producer in his personal studio. Additionally, he operates “Soon To Be Famous Publishing LLC,” responsible for distributing his work.

Ray recently released his second album, “2020,” featuring the single “Feelings Thru The Mail,” which is now available on major streaming platforms. This latest release showcases Ray’s musical talent and heartfelt compositions.

As Ray Johnson forges ahead, sharing his music with the world, he continues to make an indelible mark on the industry, leaving audiences captivated by his artistic prowess.


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