Gary Dranow, accompanied by The Manic Emotions, unveils their latest single, “18, It’s Alright!” This emotionally charged track delves into Dranow’s personal struggles with promiscuity, rooted in his untreated Bipolar 1 disorder.

Credit: Time Punk Pet Photography / Dr. Liz Dranow

“18, It’s Alright!” opens with a hauntingly beautiful acoustic guitar riff, setting the stage for Dranow’s introspective lyrics to take center stage. His vocals, filled with raw emotion and vulnerability, draw the listener into his world, inviting them to empathize with his journey of self-discovery. The song’s narrative unfolds like a deeply personal diary entry, as Dranow reflects on his past experiences with honesty and candor. The chorus, with its poignant refrain of “I thought that I was right, it turns out I was wrong,” encapsulates the internal turmoil and self-doubt that accompanies the process of growth and self-awareness.

As the track progresses, layers of instrumentation are gradually introduced, adding depth and richness to the musical landscape. The Manic Emotions’ skillful arrangement complements Dranow’s vocals, enhancing the song’s emotional impact and resonance. Accompanying the single’s release is a captivating animated music video, which serves as the perfect visual counterpart to the song’s introspective lyrics. Set against the backdrop of a nostalgic treehouse, the video mirrors the themes of reflection and self-discovery, inviting viewers to embark on their own emotional journey. “18, It’s Alright!” is a powerful testament to the transformative power of music. With its heartfelt storytelling, evocative melodies, and raw emotional honesty, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions have crafted a musical masterpiece that is sure to resonate deeply with listeners.

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