Berlin-based indietronic rock duo BROMSEN is poised to captivate the music scene with their latest single, “Someone,” a prelude to their eagerly anticipated debut album, “Brothers in Mind,” scheduled for release on February 16, 2024. “Someone” is a poignant composition that encourages listeners to veer away from the beaten path and heed their inner calling. Drawing inspiration from the life of Irish songwriter Luka Bloom, the track reflects on the choice between conformity and a more adventurous, authentic existence. The song’s uplifting message resonates, urging individuals to live with honesty and embrace their unique selves.


BROMSEN’s musical landscape is a fusion of rock, hard rock, prog, and 80s influences, creating a distinctive sound that pushes the boundaries of conventional genres. The track “Someone” mirrors Luka Bloom’s metamorphosis from Barry Moore to a distinguished artist, echoing the excitement of life’s adventures and celebrating the courage to stay true to oneself. The accompanying visual representation features Richard adorned as the Statue of Liberty, delivering a whimsical yet profound commentary on the enduring spirit of liberty and creative expression in America. Comprising Richard and Karlo Bromsen, the duo has a musical history spanning over two decades. After a hiatus following their previous band, “The Pampelmuse,” BROMSEN returns to the forefront with a renewed passion for music.

“Someone” follows the success of the duo’s first four singles, earning critical acclaim and airplay on indie radio stations globally. As BROMSEN prepares to launch “Brothers in Mind,” the indietronic world can anticipate an album that pushes creative boundaries and delivers a sonic journey of authenticity. With “Someone,” BROMSEN invites listeners to embark on a musical odyssey, celebrating the power of individuality and the thrill of embracing one’s true self. The single serves as a compelling precursor to an album that promises to redefine the indietronic rock genre.

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