Unveiling a profound musical journey that sprouted from pain and solitude, Bad Bubble, a solo artist, channels raw emotions into music that resonates deeply. After a decade of seclusion, he realized he had to do something to prevent his mental collapse. His life was once ordinary, but losing his daughter and her mother during his service in the US Army shattered everything. Seeking solace, he moved to a remote location and began pouring his heart into songwriting.

Bad Bubble

Sleepless nights filled with night terrors from war inspired Bad Bubble to transform his awake hours into a creative endeavor. With a loyal social media following, he shares his story through music, touching the hearts of those who listen. His prolific output since January 2022 stands at over 100 quality releases, highlighting his dedication to storytelling through poetry and music.

Bad Bubble’s single, “Normal,” reflects his longing for a life that once seemed mundane. The song carries an apple symbolizing normalcy, but for him, it has become a distant concept. He records his music alone, handling every aspect of production. In his eyes, music demands undivided attention, and he fears that playlists have diluted its power to heal and teach. With an unwavering commitment to his craft, Bad Bubble proves that resilience can lead to extraordinary artistry.


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Stonedog’s newest album, “New Tricks,” serves as a heartfelt tribute to the rock n’ roll that deeply shaped their formative years. Influenced by iconic bands such as The Cars, Van Halen, Joe Walsh, Cheap Trick, and Tom Petty, the album emanates infectious melodies, powerful guitar riffs, and unexpected moments of shredding, all interwoven with laid-back vibes.


The band is a talented trio, with Trevor Childs leading on vocals, bass, and keys, Chris Dunn showcasing his prowess on stunt guitar and vocals, and Gary Padilla driving the rhythm on drums and claps. Having embarked on a musical journey spanning more than two decades in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, Stonedog has graced renowned venues and taken part in the prestigious International Pop Overthrow festival.

“New Tricks” eloquently explores themes deeply relatable to many Californians, delving into subjects such as wildfires, political polarization, and the quest for inner peace. “The Truth” encapsulates the sense of being the lone voice of reason amidst a tumultuous world, while “Mama’s Purse” playfully unravels the mysteries of a mother’s bag. The album seamlessly blends sincerity, humor, and the brilliance of rock n’ roll, a testament to Stonedog’s unwavering passion and boundless creativity. Crafted meticulously over two and a half years in Chris’ home studio, a product of the pandemic, “New Tricks” boasts a unique touch, further enriching their musical voyage.


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In this enchanting ballad, the singer shares their journey of self-discovery through poignant lyrics that resonate with a wider audience. Although inspired by personal experiences, the song’s themes transcend to touch the hearts of those searching for their place in time. Teaming up with pianist Dominic Ferris, the artist showcases their versatility and talent in reinterpreting a famous Soprano solo into a soul-stirring performance that tugs at the heartstrings. Their debut album caught Dominic’s attention, and the musical duo found their synergy, recording at London’s Masterchord Studios under the expert guidance of Simon Hanhart.


Having played prestigious venues like The Royal Albert Hall and the London Palladium, the artist’s distinctive sound has also graced numerous radio shows, and the current track has already made its mark on local airwaves.

The emotive song aims to evoke a sense of unity, open to interpretations that extend beyond its musical origin. As the artist delicately puts it, “somewhere a place for us” speaks to the dispossessed everywhere, making it a powerful anthem for those seeking solace and connection. With its heartfelt message and unique sound, this song embraces listeners with a musical hug, leaving them mesmerized by its beauty and simplicity.


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Xuavage Love & The Rainbows offers a captivating and unpredictable musical journey, brought to life by a diverse ensemble of talented individuals. With members hailing from different corners of the world, the band comprises Nahuel Franco, the skillful and tasteful guitarist from Argentina, alongside Ian McDaniels, the talented bass player known as the “Alabama Blessed Badass.” Providing the rhythmic foundation is Daniel Campbell, also known as “CampbellRambo,” who serves as both producer and drummer. At the forefront is the outspoken vocalist, Xuavage Love.

Xuavage Love

Having been friends for a considerable time, the band’s recent connection has resulted in a harmonious blend that they believe will resonate with the audience in a healing manner. Influenced by the likes of David Bowie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Lenny Kravitz, their music strikes a perfect balance between songwriting, production, and mixing. Recorded in a humble living room, their debut single exudes the spirit of the 70s rock era, reminiscent of the iconic “The Rolling Stones.

” Xuavage Love & The Rainbows hold the promise of an exciting future, with a profound message of faith and love infused into their melodic artistry. In Xuavage Love’s words, “Your freedom lies in your ability to choose, even when you choose not to choose. Have faith.”


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In the ever-grateful world of music, a rising independent artist, Nobody’s Wolf Child, is on the cusp of reaching half a million streams on Spotify, thanks to the unwavering support of thousands of fans worldwide. Now, with the release of her latest single, “Human Remains,” on July 7th, she aims to take her mesmerizing blend of genres to even greater heights.

Nobody’s Wolf Child

Previously acclaimed for her cinematic and atmospheric productions, Nobody’s Wolf Child surprises listeners with a bolder, more aggressive approach in “Human Remains.” The song delves into hard-hitting soundscapes, catering to industrial, dark wave, and hard rock enthusiasts, while retaining her signature sweeping vocals and epic sound.

“Human Remains” introduces the enigmatic Wolf Comanche, one of the nine wolves that walk in the shadows alongside the Wolf Child. The track embodies stoic wisdom and justice, observing humanity embroiled in its internal conflicts, deaf to its own destruction.

The record paints a haunting portrait of a lost and rootless people, desperately seeking solace amidst a world consumed by greed, lust, and self-hate, fighting a relentless war of words.

Nobody’s Wolf Child continues to defy expectations, captivating audiences with her unique musical prowess and thought-provoking storytelling. As we look to 2023, more records and visuals are in store, with the highly anticipated public howling ceremony at Fantasy Forest. Moreover, a full-length live recording of a howling ceremony will precede a tour in early 2024, promising a sensory experience that will leave listeners enthralled and yearning for more.


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