Ava Valianti, the rising star from Massachusetts, unveils her latest single, “January,” with a heartfelt exploration of love and longing. Known for her indie-folk-pop style, Ava’s music connects deeply with audiences, drawing comparisons to artists like Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo. “January” delves into the emotions of loving someone who is already committed to another. It’s a song about grappling with unrequited feelings and the lingering ache of what could have been. Ava’s poignant lyrics and soulful vocals capture the bittersweet essence of memories that persist despite the passage of time.

Credit: Plum + Port Photography


In an interview, Ava explained that the song reflects a personal journey of coming to terms with the reality that sometimes love doesn’t align as hoped. Her sincerity in portraying these universal emotions sets “January” apart, resonating with listeners who have experienced similar heartaches. With previous successes like “bubble wrap” and “Middle Ground,” Ava has carved out a niche in the music industry, praised for her authentic storytelling and emotive performances. Her ability to blend vulnerability with strength makes her music both relatable and impactful.

As Ava prepares for the release of her upcoming EP, slated for late summer, her collaboration with producer Chris Plante promises new dimensions to her evolving sound. “January” is now available on all streaming platforms, inviting listeners to experience Ava Valianti’s heartfelt melodies and poignant storytelling firsthand.

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