Renowned artist Andy Smythe is captivating audiences once again with his latest musical offering, “Poetry in Exile.” Following the success of his previous single “Out of My Mind,” which received acclaim for its psychedelic, spacy pop reminiscent of Beatles, Bowie, and Buckley, Smythe’s new album is poised to make waves in the music scene. Quotes from industry curators praise Smythe’s ability to breathe new life into the Britpop genre, drawing comparisons to musical legends like Paul McCartney and Jeff Buckley. AnR Magazine hails Smythe’s work as “psychedelic, spacy pop occupying the middle ground between the Beatles, Bowie, and Buckley,” while Indie Grid anticipates him to “make waves on the music scene.”

Andy Smythe

“Poetry in Exile” comprises 13 meticulously crafted songs, showcasing Smythe’s talent as a multi-instrumentalist. Collaborating with American composer Chris Payne and violinist Beatrice Limonti, Smythe weaves a rich tapestry of sound that spans a variety of sonic landscapes. The album delves into personal and societal themes, with Smythe’s unique voice leading the narrative. From the horns in “Out of My Mind” to the Chopin-like piano chords in “No Pasaran,” each track showcases Smythe’s prowess as a songwriter. One standout is “Prodigal Son,” an emotive alt-rock piece with Spanish guitar influences and lyrics in both Spanish and English. The lush strings of “Prodigal Son” create a captivating sonic experience, demonstrating Smythe’s ability to infuse his music with cultural influences. Another gem is “Leaves to Burn,” an acoustic ballad that explores the emotions of a recently widowed farmworker. Smythe’s poignant lyrics and emotive delivery make this track a standout, highlighting his storytelling prowess. “Power Is a Drug” is a sonic journey with a powerful message, exploring the intoxicating nature of authority. The track’s dynamic arrangement and Smythe’s evocative vocals create a mesmerizing listening experience.

Smythe’s collaboration with American composer Chris Payne shines in “Riverman,” where the horns add a distinctive flair. The song’s rich instrumentation complements Smythe’s storytelling, transporting listeners to a vivid musical landscape. As the heart of “Poetry in Exile” explores personal strife within a world of corrupt politics, Smythe’s compositions touch on various human experiences. With a unique 4-octave English voice, Smythe enchants audiences not only with his vocal delivery but also with his exceptional musicianship on stage piano and guitar. As the album is set to release, Smythe will embark on a Spring and Summer tour with his band, promising an enchanting live experience. “Poetry in Exile” stands as a testament to Andy Smythe’s evolution as an artist, inviting listeners into a world of captivating melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and sonic innovation. Each track on the album serves as a testament to Smythe’s dedication to his craft, promising a musical journey that resonates deeply with audiences.


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