Emerging from the sonic landscape of Saint Petersburg’s Fugu Quintet, Голос КАА has transplanted his musical prowess to the vibrant scene of Singapore. Formerly associated with a local dark jazz project, he now charts a new trajectory, immersing himself in hip-hop-related genres. Despite already boasting a catalog of three EPs and a single, this artist remains on the cusp of a breakthrough, perpetually refining his unique sound.

Голос КАА

In his latest endeavor, the “OP-1” EP, Голос КАА showcases a commitment to innovation, constructing the entire piece exclusively with the minimalistic OP-1 synthesizer. This auditory experiment yields a distinctive and unfiltered sound across the three tracks, a testament to the artist’s ability to craft captivating music with minimalistic tools. The EP’s sonic finesse is elevated through achernavsky’s meticulous mixing and VLM’s mastering expertise, known for collaborations with industry giants such as Lil Yachty, Anderson .Paak, Snoop Dogg, Mos Def, and Lil Uzi Vert. Diving into the heart of the EP, each track offers a unique narrative: “Сквозь тернии к страху” (“Through Thorns to Fear”) establishes the tone with a vibey beat, drawing subtle inspiration from Clipping and Death Grips. The lyrics delve into the self-made nightmares of the mind, exploring the concept that our deepest fears often originate within.

“Под ноги смотри!” (“Watch Your Step!”) unfolds with an old-school vibe, featuring a beat sampled from traditional Vietnamese instruments. Recorded in a Saigon park using the OP-1’s microphone, the music seamlessly transitions into an ominous reggaeton beat. The track narrates the real-life experiences of Russian expats adapting to life in Asia, blending dark irony with unvarnished truths. “Оператор 1” (“Operator 1”) provides a reflective commentary on creating old-school hip-hop within the contemporary scene. Unfiltered beats and raw lyrics characterize this track as Голос КАА delves into his own artistry and offers insights into the modern music landscape. A vertical video in the style of a travel blog accompanies this track, enhancing the auditory experience. While each track possesses its allure, “Сквозь тернии к страху” emerges as a powerful standout, poised to find a home in playlists featuring dark alternative and experimental hip-hop. The “OP-1” EP not only demonstrates innovation and versatility but also solidifies Голос КАА’s position as a burgeoning force in the ever-evolving hip-hop landscape.

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